Promo..."tuotteista" vähän juttua

A little about the promo..."products".


From time to time there are inquiries as to what these link issues of our various digital promo services were.

Here is a little bit of gathered information.

There are two different links for different purposes. Now be careful.

The ADVANCE LISTENING or ADVANCE PROMO link is intended for the press, other media and fans and maybe your selected super-fan groups to arouse interest in the release. You can listen to it in advance, but stop the activity when the publication itself comes out.
This is included in the price of paid single publication and long publications.

ADVERTISING LINK is a clock that is created before the publication time and counts down, which is intended for a large and perhaps still unknown audience, which creates an expectation value for your publication. You can't listen to it in advance.
The ADVERTISING LINK will only change to LISTENING LINKS for various streaming services on the day of publication.
This is a work that can be ordered, and I will create a link from the materials you send AFTER the publishing process, as long as the materials are also in order on the publishing platform.

An example of the topic is, for example, here:

In addition to the above, you can also order Facebook campaigning, in which case your publication is supported with Facebook's business marketing tools through our publication platform, in which case the campaign is targeted at your reference groups. For friends, fans and mom, of course.

On average, you should budget around €200 for the whole thing, of which €120 is marketing, and €80 is work. The CPR of the campaign is around €0.02-0.03/click and the result rate is 12-15% on average.

With the previous logic, you get -slightly depending on the target group- 60K impressions on different platforms, in which case the link is clicked about 8K times.

Pretty easy, right?

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