Joulutaukoa julkaisutoiminnassa 2022!

Christmas break in publishing 2022!


We must have the materials for the January publications by 9.12 at the latest. 2022 at 12:00
After that, all the principal's bureaus will be closed until January 3, 2023, and I won't be able to influence the matter even by gritting my teeth, shouting or bribing.

Now, Jalla Jalla, if you're thinking of bringing your art out in the middle of January.

In January 2023, we will return to the pot with new work prices and call commissions for new publications.

  • Spotify single release + preview link + monitoring tool for all the platforms we represent (about 50 pcs) €25
  • EP or Long Play for all the platforms we represent + advance listening link + advance advertisement + control tool €40
  • Catalog publication for all the platforms we represent, (includes all my published material, i.e. the so-called back catalog and the aforementioned advance links) €50
  • My songs need something more...I want you to master them. á 25 € / song upon publication.
  • I want a stylish "landing page" and an easily shareable promo link to the most important streaming services €25 (Example:
  • I want my publication to be advertised through Samsara's Facebook campaign 180-380€ (100-300€ for the marketing itself, 80€ for the work) I will contact you separately about this.
  • I would like my video on YouTube and I will submit that too. Of course, I can also publish this on my own channels at the same time. for €15

Prices are valid until further notice and this price list replaces previously dated ones.

-Antoni W, Samsara Records

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