Facebook Promotion Services

We can build a Facebook AdCampaign promotion alongside your publication at a fairly moderate price.

- to the selected target group of the Facebook AdCampaign campaign.
Coverage: slightly depending on the target group, 10,000 to 60,000 contacts.
- CPR approx. €0.02-€0.03 / contact


  • your publication to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. has been done through us, and is already published
  • you can use a budget of at least €180 (€80 for work, and €100 for the Ad-Campaign promo itself)
  • you can find representative pictures of the orchestra you represent
  • you know how to say what you want to say roughly in your promotion. I'll help with that.

The previous ones are fulfilled? Excellent. Let's talk more.

Or alternatively, when you fill out the music release form, you can tick the option regarding the topic, and I'll get back to you.

info at samsararecords. fi