You can find some of the most important answers regarding our activities here:

Why does it take 14 days to publish music?

- We distribute your music on at least fifty platforms, and it takes some time for your great songs to be published everywhere at the same time. In addition, you have to remember that Spotify wants songs to be pitched 14 days in advance. More information on that from our blog

When will I receive money from you?

- Wwwwwell..... The number of plays affects the amounts to be paid out, and it must be said that there must be enough plays - a lot - for the money to be settled. Tens of thousands. This is by no means an optimal situation for artists, or for distributors like us, but we just live in this operating environment.

Voluntary activity even after the release of music in your own fan base is absolutely important. Be load, make a riot, post clips on Instagram, be featured. MARKET YOUR MUSIC!

We pay money (to those who have exceeded the account limit of €30) about four times a year, depending on how royalties accumulate for us. This is purely a management issue for a small business. There are fifteen hundred publications, and about 100,000 lines of change data come in every single day. Against this background, we cannot report every little change, but through our customer portal you can check your own situation at any time - within the framework of the data we already have.

Why do my songs appear in connection with a band with the same name, depending on different platforms?

- This is a somewhat difficult question. There are orchestras with the same name now, and we here can't really do anything about it. Unfortunately, they are bundled under the same roof. Perhaps a small personal change to the most important names is in order?