Pitchaa musiikkiasi Spotifyssä soittolista-editoreille

Pitch your music on Spotify to playlist editors

If you are interested in pitching your music to Spotify playlists, here are some instructions on the subject.
It goes like this.
1) Let's publish your music on our platform
2) The single or long play will appear on artists.spotify.com
3) You pitch your publication according to Spotify's instructions to their playlist editors
4) You will be marching to the bank in a moment to get the your money

As you can see, this is a bit...loose.

It's because we, as publishers, don't have access to your data on artists.spotify.com.
These artist pages are your -artists' own Spotify pages, and here we mainly repeat the experiences received from our artists.

According to Spoitify's instructions, pitching must be done at least 7 days BEFORE the release of the publication, i.e. you should not set very strict schedules for the topic.

("We’ll add this song to Release Radar if we get your pitch at least a week before release").

More official instructions follow the link.

Photo by Lawrence Biancardi

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