After all, the best questions always come from customers, and now we approached with the following inquiry:

"(Published through us) My music would be used by the TV show, and now they asked the production company what is the position of the record company that released my music"?

First: great question. We are happy to help with these whenever possible.

Let's try to answer.
We operate exclusively as a distributor in the direction of digital publishing platforms, which means that when you publish music, you only make a distribution deal in the direction of the digital channels we represent.

That means?

This means that between those who publish through us and Samsara Records, there is no Master-deal or other kind of legal deal regarding other than digital distribution.

Your music is always yours, and our aim is only to share and control the number of plays on the digital platforms we represent. Our songs are always labeled with the "I have no master rights" label.

Instead, it's a good idea to turn to NCB (Teosto and Gramex in Finland), - and make, for example, appropriate work notifications to Teosto when possible usage questions arrive and to manage income streams.

Check the organizations' websites for more on the subject.

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