Melkoinen vuosi 2022!

Quite a year 2022!


As I write this, I am currently making video and EP release #65 for this year.
Apparently, with Covid pandemic, art has been able to back up, and that's only a good thing. However, the biggest goal of making music is to publish it.

Although at the moment fewer and fewer people make a living from music, making music has shown no sign of abating. The number of publications is at a record level and new technologies are helping more and more people make their art heard.

At the same time, this also causes a bit of confusion: there are an awful lot of distribution channels, there are a lot of publications, and the result of this is that whoever breaks is often either left to be evaluated by the general public through various social media and other platforms, or is marketed by the majors with really big money.

Really surprising sources can become a hit. Along with traditional music production, various creators of tiktok, soundbanks and base tracks have continued to gain either a part-time or full-time occupation from the industry, although the income streams are made up of much smaller streams than before. We are living in an interesting and quite changing time in the field of music publishing.

Samsara Records plans to continue on the tried and tested path: we continue to serve our artists and follow their approximately five hundred releases like a hawk. We monitor more than seventy publishing platforms, how your music plays, we account for the money, and if necessary we kick the hanuri when the publishing threshold becomes too big for the artist and horror strikes.

We will continue to regularly and irregularly account for your money about every other month or quarter, a little depending on when the accumulation comes, and I would think that the royalties to be paid out will still remain at the five-ton level, roughly on an annual basis. Of course, some people are more concerned about this, some less. A little by popularity.

Let me use this point to my advantage and thank those who have already published through me for their cooperation, and please feel free to contact me if the matter is still a bit in the pipeline and you have doubts about presenting your own art.

Vantaa, 11.11.22
Anttoni Wikström, Samsara Records

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