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Ollo S4X mixing headphones

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Ollo designs and produces headphones intended for recording and mixing, with the smoothest frequency response on the market.

At the beginning of 2021, we have started to cooperate with the Slovenian Ollo headphone manufacturer within the framework of small-scale imports, in which case we can get the products to our customers faster than couriers and without logistics fees in the capital region. Then Postman Pat pedals to the rest of the country with a small amount.

Frequency response

Variation in frequency response in band from 20Hz to 20kHz ~13.7dB SPL

/ sensitivity

108dB / 1vrms@1Khz 30ohm


32ohm, smart devices ready

Ear cup dimensions

Outer diameter: 90 mm

Ear cups material

American walnut

Headband material

Stainless steel and Nautical artificial leather

Earpads size

Outer diameter: 90 mm
Inner diameter: 55mm
Depth: 20mm

Earpads material

Acoustic foam, extra elasticity poly leather and velor

Cable termination

Detachable 2 meters long Y 2.5mm mini jack


3.5mm jack with an adapter to 6.3mm jack



Magnet type


Transducer type



2 layers

Membrane material

PET 25h

Matched speakers

Handpicked pairs


5-year limited warranty

Trial period

30 days from delivery date